Piano sheets that i played this week !

Justin Bieber - Pray
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Bruno Mars - Grenade
Bruno Mars - Marry You
David Archuleta - Something 'Bout Love
Nelly - Just A Dream

Who is ?

I was perfect,
For the circus,
If she dared me I'd do it,
Love makes you stupid,
I gave it up,
But I guess it was not enough,
'Cos she never seems satisfied,
Just above the stars,
A rocket couldn't reach it,
But I still kept on reaching,
She watched me try,
Atleast a thousand times,
If she loved me she'd stop me,
But I saw something worth my future,
So wrong, so wrong.
In my mind I would find a reason ???
But I guess I wasn't wrong,
I know I'm not perfect,
But at the end of the day,
She wanted someone that's perfect,
But can you tell me who is?


My result it's coming out another 1 week!
I'm bloody scared, scared and scared !
I keep dreaming about results !
They just keep on changing !
I pray pray pray hope i get good result ! SHIT!

My Long Lost Love

You left without a single word "Not even sorry" ,It might of hurt worse to hear you say "I'm leaving goodbye" But your smile still makes my heart sing "Another sad song", Can't forget it, won't regret it, Cause I'm still in love with you, Seeing you with him or being alone, On my own, I know he doesn’t love you baby, Not like I did oh what's the point
you are not listening annyway SN~~


This show maybe is almost 4years actor by Jay Chou*my idol but this show reminds me that I will be like him one day, This show reminds me off me when i'm 12years old, that time i watch this awesome show, than i start to realize that music was cool, from that time i've been so in love with piano and music. Jay Chou , i will play like you infront of people 1 day :D

Toink Toink !


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